At one time or another in our lives we all feel STUCK! Some of us seem to be stuck for just a short time, while others are stuck in stuck... for years.

Cecilia Rose has a theory that at one time or another we are all like a potted plat that has outgrown our pot… or roots are trying to grow outside the pot but we are stuck in a pot that is too small. Our plant needs re-potting! Just like the plant, many of us have outgrown where we are.

In her first 24 K BOLD live presentation, Cecilia will show you how to call on our boldness and face the limitations that are holding you back…

For over two decades Cecilia Rose  has coached top executives through their career transitions.  Today her focus is expanding, taking people, of all levels, beyond their careers into something greater.

Cecilia’s  24 Karat BOLD Series is designed to excite you, grow you, and accelerate breakthrough strategies that will take you beyond what you imagine possible and help you mine the gold within!

After a 24K BOLD session you will:

Take the first step on a journey that will change your life
Identify the one person who will push you to stand toe to toe
Take the Self-Assessment
Have a mantra you will call on when you are stuck
Meet a person or two that gets you as you grow your circle of influencers

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