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Overcoming Obstacles

Your greatest obstacle is yourself. When you focus, Mind over Mountain, the mountain crumbles before you. ~ Cecilia Rose   Most people make goals throughout their entire personal and professional life. These may include setting lofty goals like starting your own business or writing the next “Good to Great” book....

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Professional Success Stems From Focus

Professional Success Stems From Focus According to the Center for Creative Leadership, almost 40 percent of new CEOs fail within their first 18 months. Yet, the high achievers will often credit their success and excellence to their ability to focus, which often starts with a change in mindset. Getting unstuck starts with your ability...

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Leadership for 2020

Leadership For 2020

Leadership is essential for business executives Know Thyself Understanding oneself and one’s purpose is needed before leading or managing others. Real leaders and real managers know who they are. Real leaders understand their value lies not only in creating the vision but in leading and inspiring their followers to align...

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