Cecilia coaches executives to open the next door and achieve the next level in their careers

One-on-one executive career coaching. Learn how to inspire allies and influence adversaries to expand your career opportunities. Cecilia Rose takes the pain out change.

Group Coaching

Cecilia Rose’s group coaching signature programs inspire breakthrough experiences for attendees. How? By helping them to identify what is holding them back, building in accountability and opening the door to self-empowerment.

Learn how to get out of your own way and cultivate the frame of mind that produces the quickest results.

Come be inspired, be supported, and be transformed into the leader you know you can be. Your know your story is a good one, learn how to tell it in a compelling way and doors will fly open!

A 3 Month TRANSFORMATIVE Experience!


Cecilia Rose Open Door Workshop

I have been coaching senior executives for over 23 years and I know what works and what is a waste of time when it comes to developing your leadership skills and growing your career.  I know the ins and the outs and the ups and the downs from resumes to that big promotion.

If you want to just go get a job I am not your coach. The people who want me as their coach are the ones that want real results and a transformation.


There are two Group Coaching Sessions
available for Winter & Spring 2018


UpLIFT is for individuals who are just getting their career feet wet as they figure out how, "All this works." Cecilia Rose has the information, tools, and expertise you need NOW to move the needle. The group setting provides a safe place to ask the questions and build confidence.


UpGRADE is for those of you asking the questions, how do I get to the next level or management or become a leader. Others may want something more rewarding while still others are wanting to change direction. Sound like you? If so consider becoming part of Cecilia's UpGRADE Career Acceleration Group Coaching and get the tools necessary to ACCELERATE your career!


Do YOU want to take your career to the next level but cannot commit to the deep dive of the group coaching sessions?


The Open Door Workshop is For YOU!


> Imagine what you could accomplish if you knew what it was that you really, really want.


> Whether you are exploring your ‘what’s next’, ready for a new adventure or want to get past what is holding you back, Cecilia will coach and guide you to a deep and meaningful breakthrough, in record time.


> You’ll save time, get better results, and start to go toward something instead of away from something.


Wondering which coaching session is right for you?

Clients include...

Chevron Chemical Conference
Shell Oil Corporation
Accenture Global Services
American General
BHP Billiton Petroleum
Exxon Mobil

JPMorgan Chase
Continental Airlines
MD Anderson Cancer Center
OptiFare National Conference
Clemson University National Women’s Conference
A&M (Nursing College) Chronic Disease Conference

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Exxon Mobil
American General Life
Continental Airlines