Open Door Workshop

Do you want to take your career to the next level?


You don't have to know where you are going, you just need to be willing to OPEN the next DOOR...

Open Door Workshop

January 24-26, 2018


SPRING 2018 workshop TBD!

What is the Open Door Workshop?

Whether you are exploring your ‘what’s next’, ready for a new adventure or want to get past what is holding you back, Cecilia will coach and guide you to a deep and meaningful breakthrough, in record time. You’ll save time, get better results, and start to go toward something instead of away from something.

Now that you have walked through the Open Door to Success you will walk away:

Knowing what’s holding you back and how to change it
Ready to move forward with purpose and clear action
With simple and elegant strategies for shifting your limiting beliefs
Tapped in to unstoppable confidence in everything you do
Realizing that you don’t want to just make a difference but a BIG difference!

Feel too busy to think about what is important? Then...

The Open Door Workshop is for YOU!

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The Open Door workshop is a 3-day workshop designed to help you recognize the core attributes you have consciously and unconsciously expressed throughout your career and how to gain clarity on where to go from here.

This workshop is essential for those who are thinking about making a career change, feel "stuck" where they are or who are trying to uncover what could make their current position even better.

Attend the Open Door Workshop

JANUARY 24 - 26, 2018


Seating is limited to 6 so reserve your spot today before the workshop is full!

"Before I took your “Next Door Workshop”, I was skeptical especially since I had already participated in career and transition coaching through a renown corporate program. My case seemed desperate - after moving to a new city and a new marriage, it was almost 2.5 years since I was employed. Change that used to drive me then exhausted me. I was burnt out and tired of searching for answers about what makes me happy and what to do with the rest of my life, they seemed self absorbed and childish. But your concepts of change, stretched my goals and mindsets, and the mere hope and promise to find answers to “my next door” engaged me. I absorbed many of your teachings and enjoyed the exercises of delving into the fundamentals of my core, values, and family. Indeed through your coaching and the advice of my “board of directors”, I walked away with dreams of my future that felt they would be attainable, realistic and true, buried so deep in my mind and heart I forgot they were there until they were awoken. It’s still unbelievable. That was 6 months ago. Today, I am pleased to share with you that I have succeeded and achieved the goals I set out to accomplish! In fact I have achieved both my most important personal and professional goal and feel blessed, elated and simply the luckiest girl on earth, I am almost compelled to keep it a secret! Therefore, I strongly recommend your workshop, and especially for someone who just feels like giving up. Thank you for the work you do and for being you. You have a generous spirit who keeps on giving. You have helped me to create the reality that anything is possible if you just believe and trust in yourself."

-- Grace Young Baechl