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What People say about Cecilia Rose

“Dynamic! Perpetual Motion! She is always thoroughly prepared and gives a vibrant presentation. Good Things come in small packages; so does dynamite. Cecilia is a perfect blend of both.”
- President, Louisiana Association of Dispensing Management


"Wow! I really enjoyed your presentation and having the opportunity to meet you! You are an inspiration and positive force – an unbeatable combination without a doubt! I look forward to next time we meet and we can visit more with each other."

- Jene, Better Business Bureau


"I really appreciate your participation on the WITI Panel last night. I haven’t see such such energy at one of these meetings in a long time. You had them all fired up!!!"

- Cheri


"Thank you for transferring your vibrant personality and energy to the Energizer Roundtable… I learned a lot about myself, what I was passionate about and to wait for the right door to open."

- Nita Cheung


"….I must thank you for so much for my career transition is a wonderful experience because of you. At every turn you have given me a gift that took me another step up the stairs and someday I’ll walk through the door because of your work as my 'sherpa.'"

Kevin West


"You did a great job yesterday filling that large room with enthusiasm. Sometimes that is the most important missing ingredient in the job search process. Great Job!!!"

- John


"On behalf of the Cooper Women’s Network, I want to thank you for speaking to our group today. Your presentation was helpful and very interesting. I am certain that our members are ready to start networking right away. Thank you again."

- Kathy Gillman, President


“What we got was a ‘rock-em, sock-em, hit-em between the eyes’ mini extravaganza... Dynamic! Perpetual Motion!... You are first on our list for a repeat performance... Lasting impact... Your enthusiasm is contagious!”
- President, Superior Optical Company


"Cecilia Rose…

  • Helps others “see” what they can be…
  • Recognizes human potential and “magnifies” the positives…
  • Has the “vision” to pursue excellence…
  • Has a “wide field of view” about opportunity
  • Is great at focusing on what is important
  • Helps others remove the “lens” of their limitations"

- Ken Olan


“Cecilia has the rare ability to turn a presentation onto an experiential event. She uses personal experience in a comedic context to do more than just elicit laughter. The experience has impact not just during her presentation but a lasting impact as participants consider the truths Cecilia exposed in the context of their careers and lives.”
- Conference Coordinator, The Chronic Disease Conference (A&M’s Nursing College)


"Cecilia, … love watching you in motion. As a creative force of nature, you have a meaningful impact on many lives. I applaud your efforts and look forward to our next connection."

- Kathy Schenck


“Our special thanks go to Cecilia for presenting an outstanding program that not only effectively explains the pain people encounter when going through change, but also and quite clearly, imparts a high degree of motivation and enthusiasm for a professional approach to change management. Her demonstrative evangelistic fervor for helping professional change-agents in organizations achieve success amidst the complexity and ever changing business landscape is outstanding.”
- Chevron Chemical Conference


"Thank you very much for your time and positive spirit with which you steer the Senior Roundtable meetings. I truly enjoyed learning about your networking philosophy and appreciate your support during my transition. It is now about one month since I started to work at Shell. I am very busy, but thanks to your teaching I am committed to continuing to building relationships and maintaining my networking activities in the future. Thank you again, for all your support during my transition."

- Gustavo Zapater


“Cecilia A. Rose proved she is the reigning evangelist of how to embrace change with her bright up-tempo presentation of ideas and excellent content for “Success Through Motivation.” Ms. Rose is tiny but tough; a preacher of the basics of merchandising and salesmanship but with an energetic, improvisational performance that is entertaining and impressive”
- 20/20 Magazine