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A passionate thought leader, Cecilia Rose is a recognized authority on leadership, organizational change, and personal and professional transformation based on more than twenty-five years of coaching experience. She has spoken at conferences to thousands of senior-level leaders and emerging leaders in Global Fortune 500 companies. Cecilia is also an MCC, Master Certified Coach, an esteemed designation held by only 4% of coaches worldwide and is known for taking the pain out of change, accelerating the epiphany process and turning presentations into truly experiential events.

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SHUAA: See me, Hear me, Understand me, Acknowledge me, Appreciate me

The Power of “I AM”

Say “YES” to What Scares You the Most


“Cecilia is a fireball who ignites a flame inside the hearts and minds of audiences”



What The Heck Is EQ?

IQ Gets You Hired. EQ Gets You Promoted.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is not a skill, but rather a set of skills that are the practical and basic ingredients of effective leadership and personal resilience to change. Discover how to gain emotional self-control to improve your performance and relationships when you develop your EQ. Embrace the ideas, techniques, and solutions you’ll learn and how they can empower you to tackle challenges in the workplace with a new sense of awareness, insight, and discipline.

Managing Your Brand

Defining Yourself as a Leader

Developing your personal brand is essential for the advancement of your company, your career, and your development as a leader. Personal branding is about making a full-time commitment to the journey of defining yourself as a leader and how it will shape the manner-in-which you will serve others. Managing your personal brand requires you to be a great role model, mentor, and voice that others can depend upon, respect and trust.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Communication Is Your Pathway to Success

Effective communication is essential if one is to achieve productivity, work efficiently, and create strong relationships that move the needle of success. The art of communication is the language of leaders. Human Resource Professionals estimate that more than 80% of the people who fail at their jobs do so for one reason – they don’t relate well to people, and they don’t listen. These are traits that are seen at all levels of an organization.

“Cecilia is the creme-de-la-creme of career coaches. She combines deep insight with business acumen and has a knack for drawing people out and helping them get to the core of their personal goals and professional identity”. 
Will Trout, Head of Wealth Management Research at Celent  – UK



Cecilia Rose’s group coaching signature programs inspire breakthrough experiences for attendees by identifying what is holding them back, building in accountability and opening the door to self-empowerment. You will be inspired, supported, and transformed.



Cecilia coaches executives to open the next door and achieve transformational success in their careers. Through her one-on-one executive career coaching, you will learn how to inspire allies and influence adversaries to expand your career opportunities.

“I have never been so motivated and inspired to do great things. And believe me! I have attended numerous programs at Harvard, Cal Berkeley, and other well-known institutions”.  
– Bill Carr, Partner at KPMG & Open Door Workshop attendee


The Next Door Program is a 3-day immersive workshop designed to help you recognize the core beliefs and attributes you have consciously and unconsciously expressed throughout your career and how to gain clarity on where to go from here. Are you feeling stuck, uninspired, or like you are not being challenged? Are you being passed over for a promotion? Are you wanting to make a bold move towards something different, meaningful, and that really fulfills you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you. Whether you are exploring your ‘what’s next’, ready for a new adventure or want to get past what is holding you back, Cecilia will coach and guide you to a deep and meaningful breakthrough in record time.

  • Knowing what’s holding you back and how to change it

  • Move forward with purpose and clear action

  • Simple and elegant strategies for shifting your limiting beliefs

  • Tap into unstoppable confidence in everything you do

  • Realize that you don’t want to just make a difference but a BIG difference!


Get inspired, be supported, and be transformed into the leader you know you can be.



“Thank you for transferring your vibrant personality and energy to the Energizer Roundtable… I learned a lot about myself, what I was passionate about and to wait for the right door to open.”

Nita Cheung

“Thank you very much for your time and positive spirit with which you steer the Senior Roundtable meetings. I truly enjoyed learning about your networking philosophy and appreciate your support during my transition. It is now about one month since I started to work at Shell. I am very busy, but thanks to your teaching I am committed to continuing to building relationships and maintaining my networking activities in the future. Thank you again, for all your support during my transition.”

Gustavo Zapatero

Cecilia Rose is an engaging, high-energy speaker who expertly tailors her content to the needs of the event and audience. It was a pleasure working with Cecilia in preparation for our events to provide the information she needed to target her message for our audience.  We were fortunate to have Cecilia speak at a monthly chapter lunch meeting and our members in attendance, including multiple board members, were so impressed that we asked her to speak at the organization’s annual two-day conference the following year as our opening keynote speaker.  The conference Program Committee received rave reviews for Cecilia’s presentation. We will definitely ask her back!

Todd Brown, Past President, ARMA

“….I must thank you for so much for my career transition is a wonderful experience because of you. At every turn you have given me a gift that took me another step up the stairs and someday I’ll walk through the door because of your work as my ‘sherpa.'”

Kevin West

Cecilia delivered the Opening Keynote to the Gulf Coast Power Association’s emPOWERing Women Leadership Conference this past January, and she was amazing! Her energy lit the room of over 380 women on fire and pens were furiously scribbling notes as Cecilia delivered meaningful insights to building emotional intelligence in an entertaining and endearing format. As a member of the event’s planning committee, I can also add that it was a pleasure working with Cecilia. She asked us all the right questions (that we didn’t even know were necessarily required) to ensure she delivered what our audience would benefit from hearing.  Five out of five stars!

Allison Piper, GCPA Board of Directors & Planning Committee GCPA emPOWERing Women Leadership Conference

Cecilia is a MUST have as a speaker, she is informative and uses humor to deliver her message and relate to the audience.  Cecilia was a breath of fresh air to the Aerospace community as NASA was facing the end of the shuttle program and thousands were being impacted with layoffs.  The NASA community responded to Cecilia’s insightful wisdom and witty personality energized the audience and inspired them to create a plan of action in moving forward in their next career path.

Veronica Reyes, Manager, Aerospace Transition Center

Cecilia’s presentations are right on point. She was the opening AND closing keynote speaker for our conference! She makes sure to tailor her presentations to the audience and the conference theme. Her keynotes were dynamic, insightful, and witty. Cecilia captured our audience from the very beginning, immediately related to our attendees and them to her. I especially appreciate her willingness to be available during the conference for attendees to connect with her one on one. Cecilia’s presentations are always filled with truth, inspiration, motivation, and ideas that everyone can take with them for further development. To hear Cecilia speak is to gain new knowledge and perspective as well as ideas for additional reflection.

Susan Young, Board Member, Texas Payroll Conference

Cecilia’s high energy presentation and discussion on Emotional Intelligence resonated with the members of the Women’s Finance Exchange, an audience of dynamic professionals focused on providing services in the financial disciplines.  She made every woman in the room feel like she was speaking directly to her about her unique situation!  I know of at least one member of our organization and audience that was so moved, she and her firm engaged Cecilia to bring emotional intelligence enlightenment to their business!  She made me look good by getting her on our agenda.  Great speaker!  Thanks for introducing us to Cecilia was the feedback I received!  I’ve heard Cecilia speak many times, she is always energetic, infectious, engaging, fresh and new!

Susan Jistel Spillios, Partner, AXIA Partners, Board Member, Women's Finance Exchange

Cecilia was a great hit with the FEI-Houston when she spoke on the topic of “Building Your Executive Brand.”   She took the time beforehand to understand the audience and work with our organization to ensure logistical matters were well-managed.  Cecilia’s presentation was pitched perfectly, with plenty of excellent ideas, examples, thought-provoking questions and actionable recommendations.  Her high energy delivery certainly inspired the attendees, which was comprised primarily of CFOs and Treasurers to go forth and build their executive brands!

Kathleen McAllister, Committee Chair, Career Services, Financial Executives International

Cecilia Rose just gets it! She is able to relate to audiences of any size. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear her speak in a workshop setting and to a large audience with hundreds of attendees. She is a compassionate and energetic truth teller!  Her messages are both impactful and relatable and without a doubt her positive energy is contagious.  Her messages helped me mentally envision a path to success.  I was fired up and ready to immediately start working on my goals. I can’t wait to work with her again as well as attend another event where Cecilia Rose is speaking!

Harriett Pritchett, Director of Programs, Houston Chapter, Association for Talent Development (ATD)