Open The Next Door to Success

The Next Door Program is a 3-day immersive workshop designed to help you recognize the core beliefs and attributes you have consciously and unconsciously expressed throughout your career and how to gain clarity on where to go from here. Are you feeling stuck, uninspired, or like you are not being challenged? Are you being passed over for a promotion? Are you wanting to make a bold move towards something different, meaningful, and that really fulfills you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you. Whether you are exploring your ‘what’s next’, ready for a new adventure or want to get past what is holding you back, Cecilia will coach and guide you to a deep and meaningful breakthrough in record time.

Limited to only six participants, the workshop offers a powerful and personal experience. You will work face-to-face with Cecilia and take a deep dive into who you are, who you want to be, and understand what you need to do to get you there. It will be an epiphanic journey through transition, facilitated by a Master Certified Coach and complete with enriching exercises to build on your learning throughout the program.

Why Cecilia Rose?

Cecilia Rose has over 25 years of experience as a respected, trusted advisor, career strategist, and executive coach. She has guided hundreds and hundreds of top level executives, high potential professionals and emerging leaders through transformation as they move up, in, or out of an organization. Cecilia is on a mission to help people create a life that is truly meaningful, significant, and fulfilling. She has earned the prestigious designation of Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF), an achievement held by only 4% of coaches worldwide.


Know Thyself

The first part of the program consists of diving deep within ourselves to identify and examine the current beliefs and mindsets that are limiting your ability to achieve your vision. You will understand “what is”, and then take a look at “what is possible”. Becoming aware of your beliefs and understanding why they persist will give you clarity and the power to take the first step towards opening the next door of possibilities.

  • Uncover the core assumptions you have made about your life

  • Identify your mindsets and beliefs

  • Understand why you keep reenacting old behaviors and recreating old realities

  • Reframe your paradigm and prepare to launch yourself forward


Connect the Dots

The second day of the program is all about understanding how you got to where you are. You will reflect on what drives your actions and find the common thread that ties it all together. It will be an opportunity to step out of yourself and see yourself from a different angle to gain a fresh perspective. This shift can be swift and life changing, allowing you the freedom to move forward with confidence and strength.

  • Unearth your most important values and what drives your actions

  • Pinpoint what is missing in your life and career

  • Discover your personal definition of succes

  • Reflect on what you have learned and get ready to take action


Craft Your Masterplan

You can’t change what you don’t know. Our behavior patterns and habits ultimately determine who we become in life. During the third and final part of the program, you will shed a final light on those unconscious patterns and align yourself with your centered purpose so you can clearly see what the next steps are for you. You will walk away with a personal “Masterplan” that you can immediately execute.

  • Understand how your unconscious mind has created blocks

  • Learn to become self-aware and break the cycle

  • Position yourself to receive and say “YES” to what you really want

  • Craft your Masterplan and launch yourself to the NEXT level

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At Cecilia’s Next Door Program, I learned that I was capable to redirecting my present and future by understanding the past. I was empowered to determine what a successful future looked like for me, and gave me the tools to begin that journey. Taking this workshop marked me in many positive ways. Cecilia is an amazingly inspirational coach”.

– Carolina Ortega, Sr. Manager, Climate Change and External Reporting at Noble Energy

“Before I took your “Next Door Program”, I was skeptical especially since I had already participated in career and transition coaching through a corporate program. My case seemed desperate – after moving to a new city and entering into a new marriage, it was a couple of years since I was employed. Change that used to drive me, exhausted me. I was burnt out and tired of searching for answers about what makes me happy and what to do with the rest of my life, they seemed self-absorbed and childish. But your concepts of change, stretched my goals and mindsets, and the mere hope and promise to find answers to “my next door” engaged me. I absorbed many of your teachings and enjoyed the exercises of delving into the fundamentals of my core, values, and family. Indeed through your coaching and the advice of my “board of directors”, I walked away with dreams of my future that felt they would be attainable, realistic and true, buried so deep in my mind and heart I forgot they were there until they were awoken. It’s still unbelievable. That was 6 months ago. Today, I am pleased to share with you that I have succeeded and achieved the goals I set out to accomplish! In fact, I have achieved both my most important personal and professional goals and feel blessed, elated and simply the luckiest woman on earth. I am almost compelled to keep it a secret! Therefore, I strongly recommend your workshop, and especially for someone who just feels like giving up. Thank you for the work you do and for being you. You have a generous spirit who keeps on giving. You have helped me to create the reality that anything is possible if you just believe and trust in yourself”.

– Board of Directors Volunteer, Non-Profit Management at L.I.F.E Houston

“One of the greatest gifts of transition has been the privilege to work with Cecilia Rose. Cecilia has an infectious energy and a passion for the journey of life which she draws upon to bring out the best in her executive clients as she coaches us during transition and through the ‘next door’ of our lives. Cecilia has a wealth of expertise, and an extremely creative approach to career coaching. She is witty and often unapologetically direct as she enlightens us, but her empathy and support are deep and real. These skills are evident for anyone taking her ‘Next Door’ program, in which she excels, and which I personally found thought-provoking and wholly enriching. Through Cecilia I have met many wonderful and giving individuals whom I hope to know for many years to come. I would highly recommend Cecilia for her individual coaching, her Next Door program or for input into corporate executive coaching programs”.

– Helen O’Connor, External Relations, US Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Shell Oil

“Cecilia is the support and encouragement people want to know and I endorse her “Next Door” program for those in transition. In three days she helped me and a small group of new confidants identify “aha’s” about ourselves and guided us in the identification of new goals and ideas to move us forward. I have more creative ideas and more positive thoughts of how I now choose to live each day. Cecilia has amazing understanding skills and she asks you the tough, yet on target, questions that make you really think! I didn’t get off easy-all that deep thought resulted in new understandings of me (in perfect timing)! And… she has a super network of connections who adore her and that she freely shares. In every interaction with Cecilia you will feel that she really wants the best for you. It has been a privilege to be coached by her and now to be her friend”.

– Senior Executive Recruiter, Dacatus Partners

I have never been so motivated and inspired to do great things. And believe me, as I have attended numerous programs at Harvard, Cal Berkeley, and other well-known institutions.

– Robert T., Senior Operations Executive

It is rare that we see and recognize the opportunity to adjust the trajectory of our lives. The NEXT Door Program presents such an opportunity.” 

– Don T., CFO for major company

“Thank you once again for an insightful and valuable session last evening. I could have lit up New York City with all of the light bulb moments.”

Jaynee L.