My granddaughter, Lakin came home from her dance class one day and was jumping up and down all over the house saying “tada… tada… tada!”. When I asked her about it, she said they were practicing pirouettes in class. When they were done they were instructed to say “tada” to congratulate themselves on a job well done. I couldn’t help think how we don’t celebrate our successes and are so quick to point out the things that didn’t work (or the things that may have appeared not to have worked) for us that day.

Seeing it in Action

Celebrate your success!A short time later, I was asked to speak on “Leadership in the year 2020” at the TIAA-cref Business Conference in Orlando. As I was preparing my presentation I knew that I needed to include this new revelation. That day, the room was filled with about 200 top financial professionals of which 80% were men. I walked around the room and asked who would be willing to share one of their successes with us. When they did, I asked them to jump up and give us a “TADA!”.  The whole room cam alive with laughter, clapping, and celebrating their colleague’s success. I was thrilled to see these professional men and women having the courage to jump up (while wearing suits) and show others it was okay to celebrate their success.

Can’t Argue with Science

It has been scientifically proven that we learn best when all of our senses are involved and we are having fun. Children show us this everyday. It is essential for us as leaders to celebrate our own successes so we can support others in celebrating theirs.

Cheers for You!

Really revel in a job well done. Revel in the feeling of accomplishment when you complete or even make a dent in what you have before you. And do not forget to say, “Cancel, cancel” to negative self-talk. Acknowledge what you did, no matter how small it may seem to you, and the doors it opened for you.