“Cancel, Cancel” Negative Mindsets and Achieve Success

Success and excellence are all about focus. You have the ability to change your mindsets… your beliefs… and your thoughts. Your thoughts are energy that greatly influence your circumstances, your experiences, the events in your life, and ultimately your reality. Gaining an understanding of these thoughts will empower you to make steady and consistent progress toward the goals you want to achieve.

Why we get stuck.

Many of us cannot explain why we feel sad, anxious or feel stuck in our careers. Or for that matter, why we over eat, drink too much and don’t take care of our bodies. The answer lies in our mindsets and how we unconsciously repeat the patterns that keep us stuck in these unhealthy loops. Failure in relationships, finances, eating disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, illness, depression, and anger can all be linked to negative mindsets we adopted early in our developing years.

Understanding you mindsets.

A mindset is your guiding attitude; a belief that gives you an instinctual response in any given situation. Often mindsets held over from childhood or early in our career are holding us back from achieving success and seeing possibilities for our life. To identify these mindsets, begin actively listening to yourself to notice any negative thoughts that reoccur throughout your day.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • There are no jobs out there…

  • I am miserable, but I have to stay at my current job because of the benefits…

  • There is a glass ceiling, and I keep hitting it…

  • It’s too late in life to change career paths…

  • I have no choice but to stay where I am…

Reframe your negative mindsets.

Once identified, take the opportunity to reframe this negative mind talk in your daily life to achieve your maximum career benefit. For example:

Instead of… Reframe to…
There are no jobs out there… The right people are hired everyday regardless of the economy, and I am one of these people.
I am miserable, but I have to stay at my current job because of the benefits… I choose to be happy and I will land a job that has great benefits and will appreciate the value that I bring to the table.
There is a glass ceiling, and I keep hitting it… Glass ceilings are only for people who believe in them. I believe and choose to attract employers who realize my value and can’t wait to have me on their team.
It’s too late in life to change career paths… I possess man skills and talents that can easily translate to other industries of my choosing.
I have no choice but to stay where I am… I always have a choice and I am choosing to find a job that I want to stay and grow with.

“Cancel, Cancel” Negative Mind Talk.

I once had a contract position with a company that according to their job description I was not qualified to have because I did not possess a degree in that field. There was a woman in the office who made it her mission in life to incessantly remind me I would never be hired on permanently – because I did not have a degree. Every time she brought it up, in my head I would say “Cancel, Cancel!”, because I was not willing to accept the limits she was trying to place on me.

I did get hired, and stayed with that company for more than 10 years.

Develop your strategy.

Now that you have identified the mindsets that are holding you back, develop your own strategy to “cancel, cancel” this negativity out of your mind. Once you have mastered the ability to reframe your negative mind talk you will be empowered to make steady and consistent progress towards the goals you want to achieve.

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About the Author:

Cecilia Rose has over 25 years of experience as a respected, trusted advisor and executive coach to top level executives, professionals and emerging leaders who are ready to move in, up or out of an organization. Many are stuck in their careers, at an impasse, want to advance in their careers or are ready to open doors to new opportunities. Cecilia is a career and change management strategist working with global Fortune 500 companies and has earned the prestigious designation of Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Cecilia takes her clients from transition to transformation by showing leaders how to change their mindsets, and encourage them to espouse that change is good. That is when real Shift Happens!

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