Cecilia Rose is a Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, and Career Strategist. She is known for turning a presentation into an experiential event. She is recognized as an authority in coaching professionals who are stuck in their careers, at an impasse, or are ready to open the door to new opportunities.

Cecilia’s passion lies in providing the space and place for successful professionals to continue on their journey.

Cecilia is a fireball who ignites a flame inside the hearts and minds of audiences.


Cecilia Rose is an Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and has 20+ years experience serving as a trusted adviser to executives, and career and change management strategist working with global Fortune 50 companies. Cecilia’s passion is partnering with senior executives to achieve their business and personal goals while enhancing their leadership skills. She is a sought-after Conference Speaker and leads and facilitates executive roundtables, executive retreats and workshops.

Her speaking topics include:

  • On the Edge of Change: Jump, Fly or Dance
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies, Don’t Be an Executive Statistic
  • Real Leaders Know Who They Are
  • When Opportunity Knocks…

She is resourceful and innovative with a proven track record of implementing new business concepts, delivering creative solutions and coaching executives how to navigate, accelerate or recreate their careers. Her style is people-centric with the unique combination of business acumen, intuition, analytical skills and career expertise that spans a wide range of functions, disciplines and industries.



You will leave Cecilia’s program excited and ready to take action.


Cecilia inspires her clients in finding their way through and forward; how to overcome their leadership shortcomings and fulfill their executive potential; and how to advance in the ever-evolving new marketplace by increasing the right kind of exposure, visibility and perceived value to the organization.

Compelling Keynote Speaker and Trainer

She has spoken throughout North America for conferences like:

  • Clemson University’s National Women’s Conference
  • The Chronic Disease Conference (A&M’s Nursing College)
  • The Chevron Chemical Conference
  • Rice University’s Executive MBA Conference

Her topics range from “Riding the Waves of Change… or Caught in the Undertow?”, “Transforming Careers in the 21st Century”, “Executive Straight Talk”, “Do You Know Your Relationship IQ?”. She created “The NEXT Door Workshop” for executives asking the hard questions like “What’s next?”. Her expertise in these areas is drawn from years of personal experience in the business world and as an entrepreneur.

Notable Speaking Engagements and Accomplishments

Selected list of speaking engagements:

  • The Society for Women Engineers
  • Accenture’s Senior Executive Forum
  • ExxonMobil
  • Chevron Chemical Conference
  • Women in Energy
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center

She has served on panels:

  • Rice University’s Executive MBA Conference (2 years)
  • Houston MBA Council
  • University of Houston’s Communication Forum
  • WITI Women in Technology.

She taught and has co-written for the University of Houston Small Business Development Center. Her extensive writing credits range from her own byline in national trade magazines to The Washington Post and USA TODAY.

Founded The Senior Executive Friday Forum and PWExecutives to support women executives. Selected to serve on the Women’s Energy Network’s (WEN) Advisory Council for 2010/2011/2012. Selected to serve on the Executive Advisory Council partnering with community level senior executives in leadership roles; Handpicked by DBMs Executive Advisory Board to ensure senior level clients receive quality coaching. Selected to serve on Entrepreneurial Advisory Board for UHD in the Business College. Interviewed for book, “Energy in the City” just released 2011.


  • Shell Oil Corporation

  • Accenture Global Services

  • Exxon

  • American General

  • Continental Airlines

  • WEN (Women’s Energy Network)


  • Coca-Cola North America

  • Motiva

  • Gulf Coast Power Association

  • Chronic Disease Conference

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC

  • BankOne

  • Bank of New York

  • BHP Billiton Petroleum

  • Amegy Bank of Texas

  • UBS

  • AMA (American Marketing Association)

  • American Express

  • AIM Investments

  • Schlumberger

  • MD Anderson Cancer Center

  • BP Executive Leadership, Ireland

  • Houston Construction Association

  • SHRM Houston (Society of HR Managers)

  • University of Houston

  • University of Houston – Downtown

  • Houston ISD (School District)

  • Comerica Bank

  • Compass Bank

  • CESSE (Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives)

  • Thunderbird School of Global Management

  • Society of Women Engineers – International Conference (5 years)

  • PMI (Project Management Institute) – Expo and Conference

  • Gulf Coast Symposium

  • NASA Aero Symposium

  • Coca-Cola North America

  • Chevron Phillips – Chemical Conference

  • Chronic Disease Conference

  • Clemson University National Women’s Conference

  • Intel & IBM Women’s Conference

  • CLI (Collegiate Leadership International)

  • Shell Diversity & Inclusion Symposium

  • Prairie View A&M Nursing Conference

  • Petrochemical Conference

  • Rice University MBA Conference

  • OptiFare National Conference

  • A&M (Nursing College) Chronic Disease Conference